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Constellation: We Demand a Fair Contract for Nuclear Security Officers at Braidwood LaSalle & Dresden NOW!

Updated: Apr 3

Illinois, the Nuclear security officers working at Braidwood Generation Station, Lasalle County Generation Station, and Dresden Generating Station in Illinois are in a bitter battle with the company Constellation over yearly wage increases. Constellation Energy Corporation who was previously known as Exelon or the 2.5% company because of its refusal to pay its nuclear security officers more than 2.5% yearly wage increases each year of the contract is at it again by initially demanding that its nuclear officers at both Braidwood, LaSalle and Dresden accept a three year wage proposal deal amounting to 2% to 2.5% each year of the contract with a small ratification bonus.

At Braidwood for example the company's opening offer was just a 2% yearly wage increase each year of the contract and a $350 dollar ratification bonus. At both LaSalle and Dresden Nuclear sites the company who has been negotiating with the Union for a few months now had upped it offer by offering a Last, Best and Final offer of 2.5% each year of the contract with a $1,250 ratification bonus or an alternative wage package of 3% in the first year, 2.5% in the second and third year of the contract and a $500. ratification bonus which offers less money than the 2.5% in their first option proposal.

Braidwood Company Counter Proposals 3-28-24
Download PDF • 482KB

NUNSO Response Letter FINAL 3-20-24 (4)
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Dresden Economic Comprehensive Response 3 20 24 V2 (2)
Download PDF • 251KB

At Braidwood the company has made good on its threats by offering less money to the Braidwood nuclear officers who instructed the Union not to sign an extension agreement noting: "I want to be perfectly clear.  As the Company has stated previously, our offers to date has been premised on not incurring NRC-mandated contingency costs.   If you do not agree to an extension without the unreasonable conditions you attached by COB March 14, 2024, the Company will begin incurring contingency costs.  Those costs, which compound daily, will be considered by the Company in formulating all further proposals, which, given those costs, may not be as favorable as our current proposals have been.  In a good faith effort to reach an agreement, the Company requests that the Union reconsider their stance on signing an extension before we are forced to incur these costs and consider them".
Jordan W Dixon Sr. Labor Relations Specialist and lead negotiator for Constellation

Presently our Union National Union of Nuclear Security Officers NUNSO a division of the United Federation LEOS-PBA Law Enforcement Officers Security & Police Benevolent Association has rejected all of the company's unrealistic wage proposals. At Dresden Nuclear the members this week just voted down Constellation's offer by a 70% vote margin.

At midnight on April 1st Braidwood's CBA will expire and the company will now be forced into a full blown contingency plan because our Union has refused based on Constellation's ridiculous wage offer to sign an extension and/or a no strike provision agreement. Based on the above the company Constellation could legally do a lockout of our Braidwood members however we are very doubtful this would happen since this would get media attention that Constellation is seeking to avoid which could result in their stock prices crumbling.

LaSalle Nuclear Security Officers are United and Strong
In an email to the Union from the company they noted that "As part of this mandate, Constellation must ensure that it has robust contingency plans in the event of a work stoppage.  If Constellation does not have a no-strike commitment in place, the NRC requires that we be prepared for a strike to occur at any moment and have resources in place to address the potential walkout of employees".
Our cost to train a contingent workforce is estimated at $53,000 per day, or $371,000 per week at each location.  The compounding portion of the cost is fact determinative and is based upon the costs incurred during a strike.  Since a significant number of those facts are unknown, i.e. the duration of a strike, number of employees who participate, etc., the Company cannot make a determination of that cost at this time. But we believe that the cost will be at least the $53,000 per day stated above. 
Abraham T. Breslin, Director, Employee and Labor Relations

After years of threats by the company the 300 nuclear security officers at both Braidwood, LaSalle and Dresden have had enough with the company's take it or leave it 2.5% yearly wage offer. This time around all 300 nuclear officers have banned together to fight corporate greed by demanding that the company pay the yearly wages it deserves.

The days of Constellation paying its nuclear officers 2.5% yearly wage increases are over" noted a Braidwood nuclear officer and NUNSO Union official. "We are no longer afraid of the company's threats of paying us less than the 2.5% it offers which has been their weapon for years. The Union will continue to stand strong and fight while continuing to negotiate in good faith in trying to negotiate a fair deal without being forced to strike".


Strike Looms at Nuclear Power Plants

Published 2 April 2024

Security officers at nuclear power plants operated by Constellation energy company may go on strike after the union representing them and the company have so far failed to reach an agreement on a new contract. Under federal law, nuclear plants must operate under a costly contingency plan in the run-up to and during a strike, and the union highlights the fact that cost of the contingency plan far exceeds the cumulative cost to the company of the annual wage increases to the security officers during the life of the contract. 

This is a developing story.

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