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United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Division

If you presently working as a Prisoner Transport officer you should immediately contact the United Federation LEOS-PBA to find out how we can help you and your co-officers improve your wages, benefits and working conditions under a United Federation LEOS-PBA union contract. 

Prisoner transport describes the transportation of prisoners by land, air and water. It is performed by law enforcement agencies and their armed agents or officers. Handcuffs are often the minimum restraint, however the additional precaution of leg irons is more often taken, particularly if the prisoner will be walking outside of a secure area. Specially designed prisoner transport vehicles are used to fulfill security requirements, preventing escapes.

In order to extradite a suspected or convicted criminal from one jurisdiction to another, a rendition aircraft may be used, although the high cost involved means that it is normally used only to transport the most dangerous of prisoners; more commonly, a person being extradited would simply be put onto a commercial airliner, albeit escorted by law enforcement officers.


Prisoner transportation officers securely transports every type of inmate and at any security level, including:


·         Death row inmates

·         Violent / High-risk inmates

·         Men

·         Women

·         Juvenile

·         Mentally ill inmates


Employees in this job transport offenders of all security classifications to various locations within, and outside, of the state.

There is one classification in this job.

Position Code Title – Corrections Transportation Officer-E

Corrections Transportation Officer E10

This is the experienced level. The employee oversees and participates in the custody and security of offenders while transporting them to various locations. The employee works independently and must exercise discretion and use independent judgment, often facing critical, potentially violent, and complex situations.


NOTE: The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by
positions in this job classification. Not all duties assigned to every position are included, nor is it expected that all positions will be assigned
every duty.

Transports offenders via passenger vehicles and busses to various destinations such as courts, jails, prisons, medical centers, and other specified locations.

Escorts offenders into surroundings requiring contact with judges, prosecuting attorneys, and other court personnel; hospital personnel such as physicians, nurses, and other medical staff; and the public. Makes contact with federal, state, and local police agencies and sheriffs’ offices within, and outside, of the state and maintains professional courtesy.

Plans and executes all aspects of the trip/run including: inspection/exchanging information, search of the vehicle and security items, determination of amount and types of restraints, selection of necessary weapons, planning special security precautions, emergency and escape procedures, timing and routing of the trip, accommodation of needs of offenders, possession of all clearances and necessary travel documents, inspection and storage of offender’s personal property, and the assurance of a safe and controlled travel environment.

Assumes responsibility for significant departmental material resources such as passenger vehicles, weaponry, and communications equipment.


Observes offenders’ activities to detect unusual or prohibited behavior that might be a threat to the security and safety of fellow employees, other offenders and the public.


Obtains offenders compliance with departmental rules and regulations.
Observes and immediately responds to all incidents such as assaults on employees or offenders, offender disturbances, or other situations threatening the security of the mission. Controls, restrains, and subdues disruptive offender(s) to prevent rioting and possible escapes. Protects the public from harm or danger. Minimizes contact between the public and offender to lessen the danger. Appropriate response may include use of firearms, and/or deadly force.

Performs counts of offenders and conducts thorough strip/clothes/body searches of offenders and their property for prohibited contraband items.
Follows departmental security policies and procedures. Maintains vigilant adherence to all departmental procedures.

Communicates with correctional facilities, jails, and other law enforcement agencies where offenders are being housed, giving instructions for their departure and approximate time of arrival.


During necessary stops, inspects restrooms or other areas where an offender may be waiting or housed, for possible escape routes.

Maintains proper court security coverage and prevents escapes.

Shakes down courtroom and lock-up areas.

Places restraining devices on the offender(s) for security purposes while transporting and assures secure environment when devices are removed.

Counsels offender(s) as appropriate to maintain a stable environment, especially those with discipline problems or who have mental health or physical infirmities.


Verifies offenders’ identification with picture ID cards and other methods to be certain an offender is assigned the proper detail.

Contacts the prison to arrange twenty-four hour coverage if an offender is admitted to a medical facility and remains with the offender until properly relieved.


Reviews, handles, and distributes all related travel and court documents.
Assists the offender in filling out any necessary forms, such as medical forms required for treatment.

Determines proper, shortest, and safest, travel route.

Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Prisoner Transport Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
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