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United Federation LEOS-PBA Benefits

If you choose to join a union like the United Federation LEOS-PBA, there are a variety of benefits available for members. While union benefits depend on the union's collective bargaining agreements, they typically include increased wages, sick days, holidays, vacation days, better healthcare and retirement benefits and safer working conditions.

Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA



 The first step in achieving higher wages, better benefits, better working conditions, job security and RESPECT starts with negotiations.


Our experienced negotiators and team specialize both in service contact act contracts as well as private security contracts in al areas and industries and are available to assist you and your fellow law enforcement & security police officers in negotiating a fair contract that will grant you the wages, benefits, working conditions and the RESPECT you deserve.


Here are just a few of the benefits we are entitled to negotiate for by law on behalf of you and your fellow officers once we are certified to represent you.

Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

@ Higher Wages

@ Sick Days

@ Holiday Pay

@ Vacation Days

@ Shift Differential

@ Guaranteed 40 Hour Work Week

@ Full-Time Benefits after 32 Hours

@ Minimum Starting Rate $15.00 per hour

@ Elimination of Mandatory Overtime

@ Adequate and Safer Staffing Levels

@ Grievance and Arbitration Procedure

@ Better Training Programs

@ Protection Against Unjust Firings

@ Better Working Conditions

@ Seniority Rights

@ Fair Treatment

@ A Written Union Contract

@ Union Representation

@ Legal Representation

@ Balancing of Power

@ Job Security

@ A Voice on the Job

Besides increased pay, many workers choose to join a union for job security. Although laws were established to ensure all workers receive a standard set of rights, non-union workers may be hesitant to assert these rights because of their "at-will" employment status. Being an "at-will" employee means you can be fired at any time for any reason or none at all. In many unions, however, the employer must show proof of incompetence or wrongdoing before disciplining an employee. In addition to the above those who work in a "Right-To-Work" state will typically make $5,333/yr less than in free bargaining states.

Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

Union contracts have several more rights that members can enjoy, including:
Protection against being disciplined twice for the same offense, also known as double jeopardy

Representation during an employer investigation and employee appeal

Due process in the administration of discipline and firing
Protection against being required to be a witness against yourself

Objective standards in promotion and discharge decisions

Objective definitions of expertise, merit and productivity
Also, through collective bargaining, workers can hope for basic benefits such as:


Fair compensation

Healthcare and retirement benefits

Fairness in decisions regarding promotion and assignment

The right to privacy in one's personal life and relief from search and seizure of personal effects at work

The ability to file a grievance to settle complaints that the employer has breached or misinterpreted the contract

"The Only Time an Employer RESPECTS its Employees
  is When They Vote YES to UNIONIZE!"
"This is when the POWER Shifts from the Employer to YOU!"
Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

United Federation LEOS-PBA Health Benefits Retirement Benefits & Legal Benefits 

As a member of United Federation LEOS-PBA, you too can enjoy the many benefits other union members now enjoy. Through participation agreements with various union health trust funds negotiated by the United Federation LEOS-PBA Law Enforcement Officers Security & Police Benevolent Association members can now enjoy such benefits as: Hospitalization Benefits, Major Medical Benefits, Prescription Benefits, Dental Benefits, Vision & Optical Benefits, Retirement Benefits and much much more.

Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Health Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

Health Benefits

Dental Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

Dental Benefits  

Perscription Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

Prescription Benefits  

Life Insurance Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

Life Insurance Benefits     

Retirement Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

Retirement Benefits 

Hospitalization Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

    Hospitalization Benefits    

Vision Optical Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

Vision & Optical Benefits 

Legal Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

 Legal Benefits  

Discount Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Discount Benefits | United Federation LEOS-PBA

Discounts For United Federation LEOS-PBA Members

United Federation LEOS-PBA Members, their families, and friends are eligible for Member Discounts, special pricing, and perks on products and services they use every day.

As a member, you will find e discounts on travel, insurance, car rentals, prescriptions, cell phones, tires, movies, theme parks, and more.

Just sign up to become a member and get instant access!

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