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United Federation LEOS-PBA

Casino Security Division

If you presently working at a casino doing casino security you should immediately contact the United Federation LEOS-PBA to find out how we can help you and your co-officers improve your wages, benefits and working conditions under a United Federation LEOS-PBA union contract. 


Job Description for Casino Security Officer Position
Job Duties
What Are the Responsibilities of a Casino Security Officer?
Like security guards in other industries, casino security guards protect property from vandalism, theft, and other forms of illegal activity. Guards may patrol casino grounds or remain stationed in a static position. One of the biggest duties of a casino security officer involves protecting the gambling hall’s money during transport. Security officers must also guard casino vaults. In addition to protecting casino assets, casino security guards protect patrons of the establishment. Additionally, security guards provide general assistance to casino guests and should be friendly and helpful at all times.


• Generates necessary written reports regarding security-related incidents involving guests, associate and/or the facility.

• Escorts and observes Guests and Associates, to ensure their safety and protection; identifies potential safety hazards and report same to the appropriate individual, for proper resolution.

• Becomes familiar with hazardous materials used on property, and all applicable laws, rules and regulations governing same.

• Acts as a Dispatcher during emergency situations, and coordinates solutions to same; informs outside agencies of any unusual or suspicious situations on property.

• Operates company vehicles as directed to do so.

• Maintains a working knowledge of Paragon Casino Resort’s facilities, as well as special events on property, in order to advise guests and fellow associates of same, whenever possible.

• Ensures safe transportation of company moneys and gaming tokens; assists in the opening and closing of the gaming tables.

• Interacts with guests and associates in a positive, professional manner.

• Ensures a maximum level of guest service and satisfaction throughout the property is achieved and maintained.

• Facilitates the flow of information throughout the department, by attending regularly scheduled departmental meetings.

• Maintains or escorts a series of keys, accessing locked areas as necessary.

• Accepts identification from all persons who appear to be under the age of twenty-one (21), to ensure compliance with state and federal gaming regulations.

Job Qualifications
What Are the Requirements for a Casino Security Officer Job?
Many casinos offer extensive on-the-job training for new-hire security officers. Some employers require applicants to possess a high school diploma or GED. Given the demands of the working environment, many casinos prefer applicants possessing previous law enforcement or security experience. Some states may require casino security officers to obtain state licenses for permission to carry firearms or other equipment. Most importantly, casino security officers must handle the public. Security officers must remain diplomatic, stern, and courteous when handling any situation.
Salary & Compensation
How Much Can a Casino Security Officer Make?

Average starting wages for casino security officers stand between $12.00 and $15.00 an hour. Such factors as employer, job experience, and location may influence salary. Overall, the national average hourly wage for casino security officers rests at around $16.00, or about $32,000 per year. Las Vegas, Nevada, remains as the highest employment area for security officers. Other states with high employment levels include California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Employment Benefits
What Kinds of Job Benefits Can a Casino Security Officer Earn?

Many casinos operate on a 24-hour a day basis. These long hours require security officers to often work nights, weekends, and even some holidays. To offset the stresses of the job, many casinos offer security officers handsome job benefits packages, including paid time off, casino discounts, and comprehensive medical coverage. Eligible casino associates may also earn 401(k) retirement plans and other financial benefits.

Casino Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Casino Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Casino Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Casino Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Casino Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Casino Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Casino Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
Casino Security Divsion | United Federation LEOS-PBA
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