United Federation LEOS-PBA

Automotive Security Division

If you presently work for in an automotive plant you should immediately contact the United Federation LEOS-PBA to find out how we can help you and your co-officers improve your wages, benefits and working conditions under a United Federation LEOS-PBA union contract. 


The automotive industry includes industries associated with the production, wholesaling, retailing, and maintenance of motor vehicles.  The big three automakers include Ford Motor CompanyGeneral Motors and Chrysler.


Automotive Plant Security Officer


Automotive plant security officers are responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for staff and visitors of automotive assembly plants throughout the country. Automotive plant security officers are responsible for performing assigned tasks, patrolling assigned areas and the protection of staff workers and the physical plant as well as answering or assisting visitors who are visiting the Automotive plant


Automotive plant security officers are responsible for checking all interior and exterior doors and perimeter fence line, to guard against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal entry.


Automotive plant security officers usually work 24/7 on three (3) shifts.  Automotive plant security officers patrol buildings and grounds, examine doors, windows, and gates to determine that they are secure. Watches for and reports irregularities, fire hazards, safety hazards and unlocked doors and windows.


Automotive plant security officers responds to accidents and incidents occurring on the premises quickly and promptly, provides appropriate assistance including basic First Aid/CPR for staff and visitors when necessary and completes appropriate reports.


Automotive plant security officers provides assistance, gives direction and answers questions for visitors and staff in a hospitable manner.


Automotive plant security officers observes and makes recommendations to improve security, fire prevention and/or safety.


Automotive plant security officers may be assigned to operate security console and dispatch and have basic knowledge of the fire and intrusion alarm panels at the auto facility plant they work at.



Automotive plant security officers may be assigned to a standing post location and/or be assigned as a floater patrolling the grounds. Some Automotive plant security officers may be assigned a security patrol car to patrol the grounds while other Automotive plant security officers may be assigned to assist with directing traffic during special events, high visitation days or as required.


Automotive plant security officers may be assigned to performs other activities as necessary. Contributes to the effective team management of all problems, issues and opportunities. Acts as a team player and provides expertise within the team and with other teams as appropriate.


The minimum requirements of a automotive plant security officers may include:


High school education or equivalent.  Security, fire safety and/or public safety experience desirable. Must be friendly, outgoing and like to work with/assist people. Must maintain first aid, CPR and blood borne pathogen certification. Familiarity with computers along with ability to complete reports on the computer desirable. . Ability to work indoors and outdoors, climb stairs and ladders and respond  to assignments in a quick timely manner is required. Driver's license required. Must be to pass a background check.