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United Federation LEOS-PBA WINS California as the 88 Triple Canopy Officers Vote to Join Our Union

California 5/25/22 - 88 full-time and regular part-time armed and unarmed security officers employed by Triple Canopy a Constellis company under its Northern California contract with the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service, in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa and Marin, have voted to join the United Federation LEOS-PBA Union today by a score of 24 to 0 against our rival security guard union out of Roseville, Michigan.

United Federation LEOS-PBA Organizing Director Steve Maritas noted "this is a BIG WIN for us today noting the California Triple Canopy security officers were NOT fooled by the false and misleading promises from the intervening union who had no business in getting involved in our election. This was evident by the fact that they received 0 Votes".

This election also comes on the heals of two embarrassing loses at the IRS HQ in Washington DC and the IRS Building in New Carrollton, Maryland whereby the intervenor lost by a score of 30 to 0 and 19 to 1.

We wish to welcome both the California Triple Canopy officers & the Hana Industries officers working at the IRS HQ and the IRS building in New Carrollton, Maryland into the United Federation LEOS-PBA Family!


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