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Hana Industries Inc Security officers @ The IRS Building in Maryland Will Have Their Voices Heard!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Washington DC - Latest News: The United Federation LEOS-PBA Organizing Department is on fire as it continues to file yet another two NLRB election against the self-proclaimed "GLOBAL AUTHORITY of Security Police Unions".

This time at the IRS building in New Carrollton, Maryland as well as the IRS HQ in Washington DC.. This is the same Union who just recently lost 235 members at the detention officers, armed detention officers, and armed transportation officers performing guard duties as defined in Section 9(b)(3) of the National Labor Relations Act, employed by the Employer at the ICE Detention Center in Florence, Arizona, under contract to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Contract # 70CDCR20D00000004 working for Akima Global Services, Inc. Case Number: 28-RC-285574

Despite the many delay tactics used by the incumbent union out of Michigan to prolong these IRS Maryland security officers from voting or having their voices heard, our Union United Federation LEOS-PBA prevailed once again after agreeing to their childish demands avoiding a NLRB which would of delayed this NLRB election even more. Some of the childish behavior by the self-proclaimed "GLOBAL AUTHORITY" of Security Police Unions included refusing to sign a stipulated election agreement unless they were named first on the ballot, as well as having the mail ballot election start on the last possible day the NLRB would allow.

Once we overcame these obstacles the GLOBAL AUTHORITY" of Security Police Unions ran out of objections to delay these proceedings any further. With that said, the National Labor Relations Board NLRB then approved a stipulated election agreement to conduct an NLRB mail ballot election on behalf of the 50 plus Hana Industries Inc., security officers working at the IRS building in New Carrollton, Maryland.

ShaDawn Prince President of the National Union of Special Police Officers (NUSPO), United Federation LEOS-PBA noted "it doesn't really matter where the self-proclaimed "Global Authority of Security Police Unions" are placed on the ballot" The IRS Security Officers working at New Carrollton, Maryland as well as the IRS HQ in Washington DC have had enough of their incumbent union, the self-proclaimed "GLOBAL AUTHORITY" Security Police Union have unanimously signed cards to join our NUSPO / United Federation LEOS-PBA Family.

Those eligible to vote within the meaning of Section 9(b) of the Act are: All full-time and regular part-time security officers employed by the Employer at the Internal Revenue Service, New Carrolton Federal Building (NCFB), currently located at 5000 Ellin Road New Carrolton MD, but excluding all office clerical employees, professional employees, temporary employees, watch commanders, and supervisors as defined in the Act.

The election will be conducted by United States Mail for all eligible employees. At 3:00 p.m. on March 22, 2022, ballots will be mailed to eligible voters from the National Labor Relations Board, Region Five, Bank of America Center, Tower II, 100 S. Charles Street, Suite 600, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. Voters must sign the outside of the envelope in which the ballot is returned. Any ballot received in an envelope that is not signed will be automatically void.

We are still waiting for the self-proclaimed "GLOBAL AUTHORITY" of Security Police Unions to signoff on the IRS HQ in Washington DC whereby 50 more Hana Industry security officers are also looking to decertify the self-proclaimed "GLOBAL AUTHORITY" of Security Police Unions to join the United Federation LEOS-PBA. In this case this same Union is also using the same delay tactics as in the case of the IRS officers in New Carrolton, Maryland.

To date, over 3,000 security professionals have let the the self-proclaimed "GLOBAL AUTHORITY" of Security Police Unions to join the United Federation LEOS-PBA and our affiliated unions and our allied unions.

Join the United Federation LEOS-PBA Law Enforcement Officers Security & Police Benefit Association the true authority of Law Enforcement, Protective Service Officers, Special Police Officers, Security Police Officers, Nuclear Security Officers, K9 Handlers, Security Officers, Security Guards and Security Professionals nationwide. Contact us today @ 1-800-516-0094 or visit our website @

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