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United Federation LEOS-PBA Set to Move its HQ To Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 2023

Coming the beginning of the new year 2023 the United Federation LEOS-PBA will be moving its International office to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Once a booming steel industry city, Pittsburgh’s recent renaissance has turned it into a hidden gem, and people are starting to take notice. Pittsburgh is much more affordable than other big cities around the country while boasting big-city amenities, such as top-ranked universities, a thriving tech scene, world-class cultural institutions, diversity, and so much more.

One ingredient to the secret sauce of living in Pittsburgh is that it’s affordable. We’ll go into this in more detail later, but know that the cost of living in Pittsburgh is below the national average. Residents here enjoy lower costs for practically everything, from rent to food to transportation. To top it off, Pittsburgh residents are frequently described as friendly and welcoming.

Over the last year the United Federation LEOS-PBA has just organized several shops in the state of Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, Erie, Harrisburg & Altoona and based on the pro-union climate in Pennsylvania we seek to organize a number of new facilities throughout Pennsylvania.


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