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Michigan Security Guard Union President Spends $905,212 in its Members DUES Money on Lawsuits

Updated: Feb 3

Security Guard Union President Dave Hickey out of Roseville, Michigan shown above is so OBSESSED in trying to destroy our union and the good reputation of our Organizing Director Steve Maritas, that he has just passed a resolution citing approval from his International Executive Board to spend "UNLIMITED FUNDS" (another Million Dollars?) of his MEMBERS DUES MONEY prior to his retirement to personally destroy Maritas for leaving Hickey back in February 2013 after a FBI raid of his home & Union office in Roseville, Michigan. (See Feds Investigate Security Union Leader).

Ob·ses·sion the state of being obsessed with someone or something. Sources inside tell us Hickey is so OBSESSED all he ever talks about is getting revenge on Maritas!

HICKEY is so obsessed in trying to destroy Maritas that he has now interjected himself in Maritas family matters by calling Maritas wife on her personal cell phone trying to Gain Information & Spreading Lies in his attempt to breakup Maritas marriage and his family.
HICKEY has even gone as far as Sending MONEY to Maritas WIFE. Is this a PAYOFF or BRIBE by HICKEY & his Security Guard Union to Obtain Personal Information about Maritas?
HICKEY will NOT Stop at Nothing to Achieve His Goal!
HICKEY is also in communication with Maritas X wife trying to gain whatever information he can get from her in his attempt to use against Maritas including obtaining his daughters private wedding pictures & posting them on one of his "FAKE NEWS" websites. Who Does That?

We have also been told by a reliable source that HICKEY had also attempted & offered to fly to NY to MEET Maritas' WIFE in PERSON Alone this past weekend 9/10/22 and she Refused. What Union Business does Hickey have with Maritas' Wife?

Feds Investigate Security Union Leader

Security union's leader probed for possible fraud

Feds Raided Home of Jesus Campos’ Handler & Union Boss;

25510 Kelly Road Roseville Michigan - According to Department of Labor filings Roseville Guard Union President Dave (aka Dave Devin the Clown Magician) Hickey has recklessly been spending his members DUES MONEY on Bogus Lawsuits in the amount so far to the tune of $905,212.00. However we believe the costs are much more since these reports only reflect payments up to March 2022. Based on our estimates on past payments, these Bogus Lawsuit legal fee amounts far EXCEED OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS of his Members Dues Money $$$$$.

DOL Reports show Hickey's Union SPIT-FA paid $36,950.00 dollars to the law firm of Young & Associates P.C. from the period 11/18/2018 to 1/19/2019.

DOL Reports show Hickey's Union SPIT-FA paid $245,987.00 dollars to the law firm of Young & Associates P.C. from the period 4/15/2019 to 3/16/2020. See above & VIEW THE ACTUAL DOL DOCUMENTS FILED BY DAVE HICKEY SPIT-FA UNION BELOW.

DAVE HICKEY DOL LM2 03_31_2020
Download PDF • 1.84MB

DOL Reports show Hickey's Union paid $276,238.00 dollars to the law firm of Young & Associates P.C. from the period 5/07/2020 to 3/08/2021. See above & VIEW THE ACTUAL DOL DOCUMENTS FILED BY DAVE HICKEY BELOW

DAVE-HICKEY-DOL-LM2 03_31_2021
Download PDF • 1.81MB

DOL Reports show Hickey's Union paid an exorbitant amount of money to the law firm of Young & Associates PC / Young, Garcia & Quadrozzi P.C. in just one month alone in the the amount of $111,329.00 dollars on 12/9/2021. The total paid by Hickey from the period 5/4/21 to 3/11/2022 came out to $326,037 which far exceed the previous payouts. See above & VIEW THE ACTUAL DOL DOCUMENTS FILED BY DAVE HICKEY BELOW. YOUR DUES $$$$$$ @ WORK!

DAVE-HICKEY-DOL-LM2 03_31_2022
Download PDF • 2.02MB

It should be noted that Union President Hickey had paid his attorneys in a state case against a former employee in a personal vendetta lawsuit based on political purposes $414,788.79 dollars in legal fees & costs (Legal Fees $391,204.50 + costs $23,584.49 = $414,788.79 plus $20,000 in collection costs = $434,788.79 dollars) in Hickey's attempt to collect on a $73,728 dollar judgment!

The above document has been altered from its original form removing portions of the court document

The irony of this story is that this case is still ongoing and on appeal, which means Hickey will continue to drain the Union treasury of thousands of more dollars and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars ($434,788.79 thus far) in legal fees, appeal costs & collection fees in Hickey's attempt to collect $73,728 in damages, which in the end will most likely be overturned on appeal based on factual and legal basis and it is highly likely it will never be collected.

Based on the above, Hickey's obsession for revenge has already cost his members hundreds of thousands of dollars $905,212.00 to be exact of their hard earned dues money and still growing. How Crazy & Ridiculous is this?

Hickey recently spent $20,000 that we know about based on DOL reports on attorney fees for a new law firm Dovitz Law Offices in his attempt to try to collect a $73,728 judgement. WHEN WILL IT END?....See below.

It should be noted that the Dovitz Law firm just recently filed a Order to Show Cause motion with the court in Michigan seeking contempt charges for failing to adhere to a out of state subpoena.

It turned out that the Judge on 8/10/2022 dismissed the contempt charges after learning the Dovitz Law firm did NOT properly serve the the out of state subpoena correctly under the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) and ordered the parties to set a new date. The new date was set for 10/10/22 and in compliance a depostion was taken in this matter.

This new deposition on 10/10/22 has now cost Hickey's members thousands of more dollars in attorney fees, a court reporter, transcripts and other deposition costs associated with this case. WHAT A WASTE of Hickey's Members DUES MONEY!

In addition to the above Hickey's attorney, Clifford Dovitz stated in the email below he is going to file amended subpoenas for several other subpoenas he was seeking in this case because he FAILED to file them correctly in the appropriate states under the Uniform Act. See below.

Based on Hickey's attorneys incompetence of NOT knowing how to properly serve an out of state subpoena, Hickey once again WASTED HIS MEMBERS DUES Money $$$$$$$!

If I was a DUES PAYING Member of Hickey's Union, I would Demand Hickey disclose how much money this mistake cost his members!

Hickey & his International Union has many legal troubles of his own. If you visit Hickey's International website and or his Facebook page there is no mention of any lawsuits either filed by him or against him, nor is there any transparency or accountability to his membership on the amount of money he is spending on these attorneys. WHY?... $905,212.00 thus far as reported from DOL filings.

One thing that is definitely not posted on his International website is the fact that Hickey is set to stand trial sometime in 2023 in a lawsuit personally filed against him, Dwayne Phillips his National Organizing Director and Hickey's International Union for defamation which could result in the payment of millions of dollars should they be found guilty of the many defamation charges filed against them. Why is Hickey keeping this a secret from his membership? Call him on his cell phone @ 586-709-9563 and find out.

Hickey's Newest LIE published on one of his ATTACK websites Claiming that Maritas was trying to hide facts by the FILING of FALSE COPYRIGHT CLAIMS against his International Union on August 8, 2022 for posting a picture taken from a Zoom meeting which he did not own, STOLEN from our website as well as several other pictures he did NOT own obtained from a video and other sources.

Our attorney's are now looking into seeing if Hickey can be charged with Defamation once again for his FALSE claims posted on his ATTACK website.

If Hickey truly believed a FALSE COPYRIGHT CLAIM was filed under penalty of perjury, WHY didn't Hickey just file a counter-notification as noted below instead of removing the pictures? Obviously if Hickey did file a counter-notification he would be doing so under Penalty of PERJURY!

How to serve a counter-notification?

In case of a copyright complaint is filed against a SiteGround customer, the customer may voluntarily remove the material or may submit a counter-notification indicating that the case will be resolved in court. The counter-notification must include all of the following:

1. Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and its location;

2. Your full legal name, and/or that of the entity claiming to have legitimate access to the content, address, and telephone number;

3. The following statements printed, signed and sent (you may scan and attach them to an email):

"I have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled in error or misidentification and I believe it is not infringing upon anyone’s copyrights. I understand that I am declaring the above under penalty of perjury, meaning that if I am not telling the truth I may be committing a crime."

"I consent to be served by the person, who gave notice to my Service Provider, or his agent. I consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which my address is located, or if my address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which the Service Provider may be found."

4. A physical signature of the alleged infringer

Dwayne Phillips SPIT-FA National Organizing Director for Hickey's Security Guard Union shown above wearing his rabbit suit will also be facing a federal trial for defamation this coming November. Phillips has admitted in his depositions under oath that he made a number of flyers, videos & internet posts on the orders of Hickey which are the subject of the upcoming defamation trial they are personally facing.

It also would be of no surprise that Hickey is using the Union's treasury to pay for his attorneys to defend both himself and Philips personal lawsuits without his memberships knowledge or approval. Could it be the $111,329.00 attorney fee payment made on 12/9/21 was to personally defend Hickey & Phillips?


In addition to spending 1 Million dollars in attorney fees, on bogus lawsuits, Hickey has now increased his yearly salary from $177,558 to $278,370 according to the last two LM forms filed by him with the Department of Labor.
That amounts to a $100,812 yearly wage increase or a 57% wage increase compared to the 2.5% to 3% wage increases Hickey negotiates & boasts about for his members.

It should be noted the only way Hickey could of possibly gotten a 57% yearly wage increase would be by a vote of his International Executive Board.

DAVE-HICKEY-DOL-LM2 03_31_2022
Download PDF • 2.02MB

DAVE-HICKEY-DOL-LM2 03_31_2021
Download PDF • 1.81MB


HICKEY'S CASH COW: Not only is Hickey swimming in money from his $100,812 dollar yearly wage increase, pension records indicate Hickey is expected to receive over 1.4 Million from a defined pension payout once he finally retires. It should be noted that Hickey may already be receiving this 1.4 Milion Dollar Pension Money as well as receiving his Social Security Money & his weekly Salary.

See below active participants.

It should also be noted that none of the current active International Executive Board members based on the chart above are participating in this defined pension plan which is funded by the members dues money. The only Current International officer in the defined pension plan is DAVE HICKEY! See above and view the OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS BELOW.

There is Four Million Plus Dollars $4,015,875 dollars to be exact in Hickey's Pension Fund PAID for by THE MEMBERS DUES MONEY, only 19 people which includes HICKEY who will receive the Lion Share of this money 1.4 Million out of this $4,015,875 MILLION Dollars. We do NOT Believe any of the 27,000 dues paying members Hickey claims to represent are entitled to any of this MONEY - $4,015,875 MILLION Dollars to be Exact!


Download PDF • 766KB

Hickey's FACEBOOK Post on August 24, 2022 also reveals that he is having the time of his life on the 31st Floor of his OCEAN FRONT Room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Hawaii all PAID FOR with his Members DUES MONEY!

Note: this is not the actual Facebook screenshot pictures from Hickey's Ocean Front View on the 31st floor @ the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Hawaii. If you are interested in receiving the actual FACEBOOK screenshot pictures you can email us @

LIVING LARGE: Can you guess how much Hickey's Ocean Front View Room on the 31st floor @ the Hilton Hawaiian Village PAID FOR WITH HIS MEMBERS DUES MONEY Cost Per Night?

Check out the Room Rates for yourself here

1.4 MILLION in Hickey's Personal Pension Plan, $100,000 plus Salary Increase, $278,370 in total wages per year, Hawaii Trips, Hilton Hawaiian Village Ocean Front Views all PAID FOR with Hickey's Members Hard Earned Dues Money!

Who's Paying for Hickey's Luxury Cadilliac Below?


The 69 year old Hickey who has been at the helm of this Roseville Michigan guard union since 2000 has seen many of his local union officers from around the country indicted & convicted on criminal charges for embezzlement of the local union treasury. Under oath Hickey had testified that the International Union had in fact turned in his local union officers to the department of labor after the International had done its own investigation, who either confessed or been indicted on charges of theft. See below. Also Read more about this here.