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How The Biden Admin Is Taking On Union-Busters and Captive Audience Meetings

The National Labor Relations Board NLRB is actively pursuing a PRO-WORKER stance when it comes to Union Organizing based on management's aggressive approach to Union organizing and its mandatory union busting captive audience meetings.

In the video, NLRB General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo confirmed that she will push to reinstate the Joy Silk doctrine. Essentially, the doctrine would require employers to recognize a union if employees can prove majority support. This can mean that card-check recognition could be enough without an election even happening; and bargaining orders could then come from the NLRB, as a result of an employer’s unfair labor practice or even if the employer simply can’t prove why majority status may not exist.

If Abruzzo is successful in her plans to make the Joy Silk doctrine effective, that could result in a groundswell of rapid unionization, and there’s an ongoing event that she hopes will make this happen. What Is the Joy Silk Doctrine? The Joy Silk doctrine is an antiquated NLRB rule that forces employers to bargain with the union once they receive union cards signed by a majority of their employees. The only exception is if the employer can demonstrate good-faith doubt as to majority status of the union.

For more information on Union Busting Tactics please visit this website.

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