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SPiT-FA Disney Local under DOL Investigation - allegedly received Payoffs to affiliate with Union

Updated: Aug 17

SPiT-FA Disney Local under DOL Investigation as reported in the Homeland Security News Wire

Three officers of a Walt Disney Land local police security union allegedly received PAYOFFS to affiliate with a national union, according to sources, and the U.S. Department of Labor is now investigating.

In order to convince the leadership of Local 1955 to become affiliated with SPiT-FA, SPiT-FA allegedly paid members of IESA the Executive Board — Patrick M. Lemos, the Secretary Treasurer of the Union, and Roger Bediamol, the union’s Vice President — $10,000 each, to gain their support.

Those payments were not part of the Affiliation Agreement, noted below and those board members who were not paid were unaware of these payments.

SPiT-FA 1955 Meger-Agreement-compressed
Download PDF • 328KB

The U.S. Department of Labor is now looking into these payments. Read all about in on the Homeland Security News Wire below.

In addition to the payoffs, SPiT-FA is currently under investigation by the Department of Labor for $160,000 which went missing from the SPiT-FA local’s accounts. The missing money was discovered during an independent audit of the IESA bank accounts, when the bank accounts of IESA and SPi-T-FAwere merged.

This is a developing story.

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