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Patronus Kentucky PSO's Receive the Highest Wage Rate Ever Between $3.00 to $4.00 per hour a 12.8% to 16.5% Unpresented Wage Increase Under UFLEOS-PBA

Updated: Jun 15

United Federation LEOS-PBA Law Enforcement Officers Security & Police Benevolent Association.


We are thrilled to announce that our union has successfully negotiated the highest wage rates ever for Patronus Systems, Inc protective service officers PSOs in Kentucky. Here are the details of the new agreement effective July 1, 2024:

Wage Increases

  • Outside Jefferson County: Wage increase from $27.00 to $30.00 per hour ($3.00 increase).

  • Inside Jefferson County: Wage increase from $27.00 to $31.00 per hour ($4.00 increase).

  • Jefferson County FBI Building (12401 Sycamore Station Place): Wage increase to $32.70 per hour.

Health & Welfare (H&W)

  • H&W rate increases from $4.65 to $5.00 per hour.

Total Wage Increase

  • This results in a total wage increase of 12.8% to 16.5%, the highest ever in the history of this contract.

  • All PSOs in Kentucky will now earn $30.00 or more per hour, aligning with East Coast wage levels.

  • Potential additional $2.00 per hour increase on January 1, 2025, pending Patronus's six-month extension.

Holiday Adjustments

  • New holiday: Christmas Eve replaces the employee's birthday.

  • Addition of Juneteenth, bringing total holidays to 12 per year.

Travel Time Compensation (Article 14, Section 14.5)

  • Temporary Assignment Travel Time:

  • Travel time beyond 20 minutes each way from home will be compensated at the straight-time rate.

  • Example: 100-minute temporary assignment = 80 minutes of travel pay.

  • Gasoline Expenses:

  • Reimbursed for travel exceeding 20 miles from home.

  • Example: 100-mile temporary assignment = 80 miles reimbursed.

  • Calculated using 20 miles per gallon at $3.75 per gallon.

Below is the new and previous Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) clearly showing what our union United Federation LEOS-PBA Law Enforcement Officers Security & Police Benevolent Association can do on behalf of members.

FPS Kentucky - LEOSU MOA 5.31.24 revised-signed-FINAL (1)
Download PDF • 282KB

Kentucky CBA Extension 14 June 2023 Signed
Download PDF • 415KB

We are committed to securing the best possible contract for our members and encourage every Patronus protective service officers in Kentucky to support our continued efforts.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Together, we achieve great things!

United Federation LEOS-PBA.

If you wish to join or form a security union at your workplace them please join the United Federation LEOS-PBA Law Enforcement Officers Security & Police Benefit Association the true authority of Law Enforcement, Protective Service Officers, Special Police Officers, Security Police Officers, Nuclear Security Officers, K9 Handlers, Security Officers, Security Guards and Security Professionals nationwide. Contact us today @ 1-800-516-0094 or visit our website @

Organizing: 1-800-516-0094

United Federation LEOS-PBA (202) 595-3510


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