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Hospital Security Officers Peace Officers Are Now Included in NYS Workers Bonus Program

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New York - Back in August New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the launch of the New York State Health Care and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus (HWB) Program, a state-sponsored effort to recognize the contributions of front-line healthcare workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The state’s HWB Program is another way to recognize those providing direct patient care who have contributed so much over the last two and a half years and complements previous bonus payments and recognition Northwell has provided to front-line care team members.

While the United Federation LEOS-PBA praises the NYS Governor Kathy Hochul for recognizing these frontline hospital workers for risking their health & lives during the pandemic, our Union United Federation LEOS-PBA had noted that while the list of eligible worker titles includes every single category designated in a hospital from Assistant Program or Assistant Site Directors, Case Managers, Certified First Responders, Mental Hygiene workers, Nurses, Therapists, Technologists, Technicians, Clerks Building Service Workers, Dietary Aides and Custodians one title that was NOT included in this New York State Health Care and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus (HWB) Program is security officers. See the full list here.

With that said the United Federation LEOS-PBA through our attorneys have taken immediate action by notifying NYS Governor Kathy Hochul that hospital security officers also worked the frontline during this pandemic and they to should given the RESPECT they all deserve by including them in New York State Health Care and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus (HWB) Program. See letter below written by our attorney Jon Axelrod of Beins, Axelrod & Keating, P.C.

Today we are happy to report that NYS Governor Kathy Hochul heard our voice by increasing the HWB program costs by 92 million (State share) to account for new eligible staff types under the HWB program. The newly added staff types include security guards, certified first responders, and peace officers. I am pleased that The United Federation LEOS-PBA's along with GNYHA's push to include security guards, certified first responders, peace officers and other titles were successful. We thank and praise NYS Governor Kathy Hochul for doing the right thing.

If you wish to join or form a security union at your workplace them please join the United Federation LEOS-PBA Law Enforcement Officers Security & Police Benefit Association the true authority of Law Enforcement, Protective Service Officers, Special Police Officers, Security Police Officers, Nuclear Security Officers, K9 Handlers, Hospital Security Officers, Security Guards and Security Professionals nationwide. Contact us today @ 1-800-516-0094 or visit our website @

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