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Denver Airport STRIKE Averted After UF-LEOS-PBA Gains $2.60 to $4.00 Per Hour Wage Increases

November 1, 2021 Denver Colorado - The strike that security officers have been planning at Denver International Airport on Tuesday has been called off after an agreement with HSS Inc. was reached Monday.

In April, HSS Inc Airport Security Officers selected the United Federation LEOS-PBA to represent them in negotiations with HSS Inc. The Union states our members are under paid and overworked due to the short staffing and many HSS Security Officers are quitting their jobs daily, getting better jobs with higher wages and better benefits.

Many HSS Inc security officers have stated that morale is at an all-time low, and turnover is at an all-time high due to the low wages being paid by HSS Inc to the security officers working at Denver International Airport. The Union has noted HSS Security officers are quitting in record numbers forcing our members to work more days and longer hours.

After a long battle with HSS Inc the United Federation LEOS-PBA was successful in negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with HSS Inc which was ratified by 96.4% of the membership.

The agreement reached includes a wage increase from 16.2% to 21.3% depending on years of service, with the people making the lowest wages seeing an increase of $2.60 per hour and the people at the highest end of the spectrum getting $4 more per hour effective Nov. 7. In addition to the above the United Federation LEOS-PBA Union was successful in negotiating many language changes and benefit changes giving our members greater rights & job security.

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