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The Passing of PROA President Al Freeman may he Rest in Peace

Ladies and gentlemen,

With a heavy heart, I must announce as of 4:15 this morning, Al Freeman was called up to Glory. Al Freeman passed away in his sleep early this morning. Al's family and friends contacted our Union president, Larry Garrett, and informed him of Al's situation. AI was a New Orleans police officer for many years before becoming a PSO. Al worked tirelessly and sometimes without compensation to protect our rights and improve our benefits as Federal First Responders. Al Freeman valued friendship more than gold. AI never met someone he didn't like, and his heart got slightly more prominent every time he met someone until he was called to Glory.

Live your life as Al would have lived his, cherish the little things, and never let it be too late to say I'm sorry or I love you. Hold your friends close and your family closer. More information will be provided to everyone as soon as it develops. Let us take this day to remember what Al has done for us and what he has accomplished. Please be respectful to his family and let them mourn properly. Direct all comments and concerns to myself and Larry Garrett.

As soon as funeral arrangements are made we will post it here.


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